How we work

Photo of two quality checkers walking down the road

This page explains what the AQC does.

The AQC:
  • Helps people find Quality Checkers

 The Find a Quality Checker section of this website links anyone looking for Quality Checkers with skilled and experienced people who can do the job.  As well as Quality Checking, our members provide a range of training, advice and consultancy services.

  • Brings Quality Checkers together

 The AQC runs regional forums across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where its members  share best practice and news. Learning from the forums feeds into our our resources.

  • Produces resources about Quality Checking

We produce a number of resources that share best practice about quality checking and associated activities, including conferences, a newsletter and a market report on themes and trends emerging from Quality Checks.

  • Campaigning

 The AQC represents its members and campaigns for equal rights for people with disabilities. We speak at conferences and events about the power of personal experience in driving up the quality of health and social care.


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