Our team

The Association of Quality Checkers has a team of people working to make it a success.

The board (a-z)

  • Andrew Bainbridge
    Andrew is self advocate who has received services in a variety of settings including assessment and treatment units and is currently supported in the community.
  • Jayne Leeson, MBE
    Jayne Leeson is the CEO of Changing Our Lives, a rights based organisation that works in partnership with disabled people of all ages.
  • John Elkins
    John Elkins is a self advocate with a lot of experience in receiving services in a variety of settings over many years and still currently receives support in the community.
  • Kate Spenceley
    Kate Spenceley has been the project coordinator for People First Quality checkers since January 2012.
  • Liz Wright
    Liz Wright is the Chief Executive of Skills for People in Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Norma Curran
    Norma is Chief Executive of Values Into Action Scotland and has been with the organisation since April 2009.
  • Pippa Gascoigne
    Pippa is an Involvement Manager with Choice Support.
  • Sam Sly
    Having recently left Beyond Limits Plymouth where she worked as a director, Sam now works as a consultant.
  • Sarah Maguire
    Sarah is the Director of Quality at Choice Support and has been working with people with learning disabilities and their families for almost 30 years.
  • Shalim Ali
    Shalim is Asian-British-Bangladesh and was born in south-east London. He first lived in Camberwell from 1989 until 2002 before moving to the Walworth Road area.
  • Shihilani Fernando - Treasurer
    Shihi has worked in finance for the last 12 years.
  • Siraaj Nadat
    Siraaj Nadat is an experienced self-advocate who works as a Project Officer for Changing Our Lives.
  • Suzie Fothergill - Chair
    Suzie Fothergill is chair of AQC. She has worked at Skills for People in the North East for about 20 years.
  • Thomas Doukas
    Thomas is the Head of Inclusive Research & Involvement at Choice Support.

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