Our values

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The AQC believes that:
  • people who have experience of services are in the best position to judge the quality of services
  • commissioners, providers and regulators of care and support should include people with experience of services as part of their teams.

In 2022 AQC will be working with members to develop a Code of Practise.


Our values

Organisations that want to join the AQC must sign up to our values:

All people with disabilities have a right to:
  • Self-determination: ‘I can say what matters to me and how I want to live’. 
  • Personalised support: ‘I get the assistance I need to live as I want’. 
  • Inclusion: ‘I’m included in my community and benefit from its services’. 
(Delivering the Promise of an OrdinaryLife © David Towell 2012)

Underpinning this belief is our drive for citizenship for people with disabilities. Citizens all have equal rights, but there are also some very practical things that help us be citizens:
  • Purpose - have our own unique sense of who we are and how we should live.
  • Control - the ability to shape and direct our own life.
  • Money - enough money so we can act freely and be independent.
  • Home - a place of our own, where we belong.
  • Help - getting help and support from other people.
  • Giving - making a contribution to the community.
  • Love - being connected, valued and enjoying the many sides of love.

 (Full Citizenship for People with Intellectual Disabilities © Simon Duffy 2012)

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