What is a Quality Checker?

This page tells you about Quality Checkers and what they do.

Photo of a Quality Checker at front door service he is checking

Quality Checkers are people who:

Quality Checkers offer a unique service. As people with experience of the service being checked, they often ask questions others (e.g. People who provide and pay for services) wouldn't think of. Really important questions that explore what it is like to receive that service and give valuable information to the service provider.

Quality Checkers are paid by provider organisations, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and other mainstream organisations to check the quality of the services they provide. This can involve many things, including:
  • looking at how support and care is offered to individuals in their homes
  • talking to people and their families about their involvement in the running of their service 
  • checking how accessible health service are to people with disabilities
  • assessing the suitability of sports facilities or transport services for disabled people
  • carrying out targeted checks on things like hate and mate crime and safeguarding.

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