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My name is David Ross. I work with Values into Action Scotland as a Quality Checker. I have been working with Values into Action since February 2014.

Photo of David Ross

As part of my role I interview people with learning difficulties and individuals who are on the autism spectrum. I want to make sure that people are getting the help and services they want and need, to try and better themselves and gain the confidence to believe that they can do the things that other people can do.

As well as my VIAS job, I also work in the catering industry as a kitchen assistant (chef). I applied for the position with VIAS, as I feel it is something I really want and have the need to do. I have learning difficulties and I know the hardship that people face on a daily basis. I have a younger cousin on the autistic spectrum, which gave me some more motivation to go for the job help people with learning difficulties and individuals who are on the autistic spectrum.

I have been at a few conferences, employment workshops for school and college leavers, have done and currently doing evaluations on various organisations which involves interviewing individuals and doing home visits plus I have been on a training course called Systematic Support which shows how do support people with learning difficulties and on the autistic spectrum well.  

Most recently my colleagues and I have made a video to help promote Quality Checkering and what Quality Checkers can provide. This is available on this site.

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