What is a Quality Checker?

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What is the Association of Quality Checkers?

Mark standing by whiteboardThe AQC is:
  • a not-for-profit membership association for disability organisations that provide quality checking services
  • a campaigning organisation working for our members and supporters.
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What are our aims?

BPC big group in roomWe aim to:
  • raise the profile of Quality Checking in health and social care services
  • showcase best practice, themes and trends in health and social care
  • campaign for employment, rights and citizenship for people with disabilities.
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How to join AQC

Roger and Neil at tableTo join:
  • Visit the Join AQC page.
  • Whether you are a member or not you can also sponsor the AQC.
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Find a Quality Checker

On this website you can:
  • find Quality Checkers in your area
  • read profiles of Quality Checkers, describing their skills, experience, and the services they offer
  • get in touch with Quality Checkers.
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Photo of 3 ladies from Big MeetIn news you will find:
  • new members and sponsors
  • details of our events
  • links to disability campaigns
  • information to help Quality Checkers do their work.
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