Quality of Life Standards

The Quality of Life Standards were written by over 650 young people and adults with learning disabilities, in partnership with people with a range of physical disabilities, sensory impairments and mental health needs. The standards were facilitated by Changing Our Lives, a rights based organisation that works in co-production with people with disabilities.

The standards are based on: 

Equal citizenship - where people with learning disabilities are seen and respected as equal citizens in society, being valued members of their community.

Personalisation – the standards are not a set of service standards; they are based on the assumption that people decide what support they need to be independent, who will provide that support, and where and when that support will be provided so it is timely and meets their particular needs. 

Quality – the standards are about quality as defined by people themselves. These standards set the benchmark for commissioners and providers alike, as well as giving people with learning disabilities a set of ‘ordinary aspirations’ against which they can measure the quality of the support they are receiving. 

The standards are used in Quality of Life audits.

You can find the Quality of Life Standards here. 

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