Shalim Ali

Shalim is Asian-British-Bangladesh and was born in south-east London. He first lived in Camberwell from 1989 until 2002 before moving to the Walworth Road area.

Portrait of Shalim Ali
Shalim has a physical disability and is dyslexic. He has succeeded in overcoming many barriers created by these particular disabilities. Two years ago he participated in a Dulwich-hamlet organised multi-national football tournament in Gran Canaria. As a young teenager, partly due to his personal experience at Spa school, Shalim was already passionately interested in working with people with learning difficulties.

He was naturally drawn to Heart n Soul and began to attend first as a young teenager when his older brother would drop him at the venue before picking him up later. Shalim joined Heart n Soul in 2006 and has been heavily involved ever since, engaging in everything from choosing and playing set lists at events to assisting others in similar tasks to film work and editing. Shalim has also involved himself in hospitality and outreach work including assisting disabled attendees at venues.

Shalim has continually progressed at Heart n Soul and joined the media team in 2012, focusing on filming, editing, web designing, photography, along with reporting and presenting. He has been a member of a young disabled people’s consultation project at Cambridge House. He has also been involved with Toucan Employment for many years, where he is valued highly as a committed, hard-working, caring and emphatic participant in the world of accessing employment for those with learning difficulties.

In April Shalim attended the Heart n Soul Chat Up event involving the BBC Sherlock music composers David Arnold and Michael Price, where he asked some very well-put and pertinent questions of the guest interviewees. He recently became a trustee at Heart n Soul and is currently working on the Southbank Love Tunnel Festival. 

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