Our friends and supporters

This page lists the organisations that share AQC values.

Dorset County Council Logo
Dorset County Council
Visit website: www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk

"Dorset County Council sees the People First Quality Checkers team as being a vital part of its plan to shape local services and to drive up quality. We have built an expectation into our contracts that all providers have a quality check and can evidence how they use the reports they receive to improve services for the people they support.

They need to be able to demonstrate that they put customer and family feedback into the heart of their organisations and that they are always working to improve the support they offer - using Quality Checkers is a great way of evidencing this!"

Visit website: www.vodg.org.uk
Driving Up Quality Logo
Driving Up Quality
Visit website: www.drivingupquality.org.uk
Choice Support Logo
Choice Support
Visit website: www.choicesupport.org.uk
Centre for Welfare Reform Logo
The Centre for Welfare Reform
Visit website: www.centreforwelfarereform.org
LDE logo

Learning Disability England
Visit website: www.learningdisabilityengland.org.uk
Values Into Action Scotland Logo
Value Into Action Scotland
Visit website: www.viascotland.org.uk
Skills for People logo
Skills for People
Visit website: www.skillsforpeople.org.uk

Changing Our Lives logo
Changing Our Lives
Visit website: www.changingourlives.org

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